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We all need some self care.  Even if your life is busy and full and you think the Beauty Industry isn't for you, there are probably some things you wish you could change.  Like those embarrassing hairs on your chin, or that patch of broken capillaries on your cheek.  Maybe you are bothered by age or sun spots on your hands, or you just really want to get off your feet for an hour of much needed alone time and have a pedicure without the phone ringing or a child or dog bothering you.   

I know that feeling.  That's why I started Lambton Laser.  After years of dealing with superficial hair, and starting to see wrinkles appear which made me look older than I felt,  I knew others probably felt the same way.  

The Beauty industry isn't just about superficial beauty: If you like how you look, it gives you confidence to be the best you.  Let me help you love the skin you're in at my home spa in Camlachie (Errol Village), Ontario, near the shores of Lake Huron.


Mon- 9-5

Tue & Wed 10-7

Thu & Fri 9-5

Sat  By special request

Sun Closed

COVID updates:  Infection control measures are in place. Sterilization of laser and tools occur after every treatment, even during multiple pedicures in your home. Masks are worn by me and my mobile business partner (pedi parties) and pedicure bowls are lined with disposable liners. 

My home spa schedule allows only one client at a time. Hand sanitizer is available at the front door and you are free to wear a mask.


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