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What You Should Know about Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation 

As we age, we often become aware of just what the sun can do to our skin, and sometimes wish we could reverse the clock.  Skin Rejuvenation can help erase, or at the very least, lighten sun spots, age spots and give you a more even complexion.  It can erase fine lines, brighten skin and boost collagen, giving you a more youthful look.   It can also help clear up acne, ingrown hairs, rosacea and broken capillaries.   More than one treatment will be required for optimum results, usually every 3-4 weeks apart, but you will see an improvement after the first treatment.

Laser Hair Removal is one of the most sought after treatments.   Unlike waxing, shaving, plucking, threading, sugaring and epilatory creams or devices,  Laser Hair Removal will actually kill the hair at the root, rendering it unable to grow back.    

As hair grows in different stages, it is important to target the hair when it is attached to a root and actively growing. This is called the Anagen Stage.   At any given time, 15% of all hair is in this Stage.  During this phase, the hair grows about 1cm every 28 days.  We can't know what stage each hair is in at any given time, but we can be aware of the the cycles of hair growth, and therefore target the hair at the optimum time to destroy it.     

Since laser will destroy about 15% of your hair,  multiple treatments are required to get rid of it.  We can destroy about 80-90% of the hair, and Health Canada considers this Permanent.  What's left will be very fine and light, and not really bothersome.   Hormones, medication and genetics can have an impact on the success of your hair removal treatments and possibly your reaction to the laser itself, so it is important to meet with your laser technician before starting treatments, so that you can obtain the best possible results.  


It is important to know that laser therapy will make you sensitive to light: Sunshine.  While having your laser treatments, staying out of the sun or consistently applying your SPF 30+ is crucial.  This is a lifestyle choice, so you may wish to wait until after Summer to start your treatments.   Some people aren't sun-seekers, and some areas on the body won't be exposed to the sun, so hair removal can be done all year long.  

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